Where to Buy Barn Door Hardware

Looking for an online store where to buy barn door hardware?  Well here at Sliding Track Hardware we offer the best selection of new customized flat track hardware that you will find anywhere on the internet.

Whether you are looking for a more modern barn door hardware or antique barn door hardware we can make the exact style that will be perfect for your own individual style and home.
6.6 FT Country Dark Coffee Steel Sliding Barn Wood Door Hardware Black Antique

We are constantly busy making new designs and we can work with you to make the perfect piece of flat track barn door hardware for any room in your home.

The idea behind sliding door hardware kits is to have the door always showing as it slides open or closed.  These are not pocket doors that slide into a wall or some type of bypass, mulit-pass or multi-fold door system.  We have the complete darn door track system that you need to for any interior or exterior door.